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Sales Training Resources

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, our sales training resources are designed to help you succeed. Check out our podcast, sign up for our newsletter, connect with us on LinkedIn, and grab a copy of our book to start mastering the art of selling today.



Noob School Podcast

Our Noob School Sales Training video podcast is the perfect way to learn at your own pace. Each episode dives into a new topic that will help you in your sales trining path. Some include interviews with experienced sales professionals who share their insights and tips on how to improve your sales techniques. Check out some of our favorites below and the full collection on YouTube. 



Connect with us on LinkedIn to join a community of sales professionals who are passionate about their craft. Follow our page for updates on upcoming events, podcasts, and training opportunities. Engage with other sales professionals, share your insights, and learn from the best.

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For brand-spankin’-new salespeople who want to jumpstart their career, exceed their targets, and get treated like a professional, not a pest, Sales for Noobs is the mentor they need to skip the bullsh*t and stop chasing prospects so they can solve expensive customer problems and get paid like a pro.



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