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The Experience Behind the Operation: John Sterling

John Sterling is a seasoned sales professional who has spent over 10,000 hours reviewing, optimizing, and running sales teams. His career began by investing in Datastream, a company that he helped grow from a team of 4 to over 1,000 employees as the VP of Sales. 

John helped take Datastream public in 1996, managing 100+ sales reps globally (inside and outside sales), and achieving over $120M in revenue. He led 5 international acquisitions and managed sales offices in multiple countries, including the USA, Germany, Holland, France, UK, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, and China.

In 2006, John was instrumental in the successful sale of Datastream to Infor for $200M+ and ever since has dedicated his time to helping Noobs find success in their own sales careers. He is also an accomplished author, having written the book "Sales Noobs: Everything You Need to Know to Get Promoted" and hosts the Noob School Podcast on sales strategies and leadership.

As an avid saxophonist, you can often find John in the local live music joints around Greenville and outside, in front of downtown popular attractions. You can even catch his saxy skills as the intro to the podcast!   


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John's specialties include sales operations, sales process optimization, business reviews and assessments, sales plan development, sales team management, consulting, and advising. He has a wealth of experience in the field of sales and has worked with a wide range of clients across various industries.

In addition to his professional achievements, John has some interesting personal experiences as well, including playing basketball against Michael Jordan in college and working for one of Nolan Bushnell's companies, the founder of Atari. 

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